Frosted Glass!

There through the frosted glass front door

a figure stood then a tap

she did not expect anybody that day to call

cautiously approached to answer

then on opening found nothing was there

not a soul with words to share!


Very shaken at this strange experience

she came quickly inside

unsure of what to make of the event

it had never happened before

being left here completely all alone

heard a very disturbing groan!


Knew the house in the forest had a tale

of a murder but nothing else

not believing stories told of this place

as an ornament fell off a shelf

could there be something within here

feeling a presence so near!


Told herself not to be daft just imagination

spirits just do not exist

a cold chill went right through her body

standing there defiantly

sensing a physical embrace and soft kiss

that she could not dismiss!


She was scared as a voice cried out close by

‘please help’ it said made her spin

had enough grabbing her coat and left

looking back saw a man

watching through the open front door clear

with such an evil leer!


Got into her pickup truck prayed it would stay

from that house she did part

vowing not to return fearing her own sanity

maybe those stories were true

never before believed in spirits of the dead

on reflection filled her with dread!


Was it real or just an overactive mind?


The Foureyed Poet.

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    Could she have really seen or felt anything that day? The Foureyed Poet.


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