At the time just did not believe her

how was it true she was odd

or assumed this a few weeks past

regrettably she was right

yes Jenny was a friend must confess

when we met it was a mess!


Me a party hound always out for fun

maybe fine when young

then forty could not take that pace

she came over and spoke

as always drunk vulgar and very rude

did not want her to intrude!


From the start she kept on about an entity

a sort of ghost insisted

it kept on taunting her when she got home

pleading with me to go with her

honestly thought the girl was plain mad

or just a little bit sad!


I  really felt she had problems not scared

but eventually did succumb

unable to say had begun to like her a lot

lived in a very old house

just the exterior was awesome yet bleak

a place for ghosts to seek!


The flat on the ground floor at the rear

it was freezing and dark

saw a figure by the door then it had gone

surely it had not walked through

she gave me look obviously saw it as well

did look like hell!


Thinking it had to be a trick of the light

opening the door there it stood

in her hallway a tall rough-looking man

our eyes met lost control

compelled with my fist Jenny had to hit

had that thing made me do it?


Screamed in fear and pain that was not me

yet another man was there

she fell heavily before me onto a tiled floor

my next memory being restrained

it watched me laughing then disappeared

the compulsion had cleared!


How hard I tried to tell them it was not my fault

a ghost had forced me

in the end there was no point I was found guilty

classed as a violent psychotic

in a padded cell gave up trying to explain

me certainly not insane!


Still here not alone Jenny visits me every day

the man to he will not go away!


The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Foureyed Poet and commented:

    I told them it was an entity that made me do it! The Foureyed Poet.


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