A truck that appeared like any other

headed down the long highway

military markings kept out of sight

nobody even took one glance

not so discreet pickups were near

what was on board unclear!


In the sky unmarked helicopters watched

the progress down below

the highly trained teams always aware

of the implications of the load

It’s destination Nevada area fifty-one

glad when the job was done!


Inside the reinforced truck it stirred

origin not from this earth

always told that aliens did not exist

but of course it was not true

in the cab vibrations were observed

a new sound was heard!


One more day to their journey’s end

instruments and alarms went off

an unexpected glitch in the big plan

the truck swerved into another

with a ripping of the metal on its side

continued the fatal glide!


Lock down mode quickly implemented

as the crash played out

the trailer careered into signs and fences

before sliding down an embankment

flames and explosions made it very public

to contain needed to be quick!


The covert operation no longer a secret

as they moved into clear the mess

unaware the container was breached

the alien had made its escape

just as special forces began to approach

into the wilderness did encroach!


Not until they arrived at the smashed truck

did they discover the escape

not even the helicopters with night vision

had noticed it got away

this they would soon regret on this day

the creature somewhere lay!


A group of young people out in the desert

camping on that night

saw a hideous thing skirt by the camp

more intent of escape

than harming them as they froze in fear

as into the darkness did disappear!


The hunt was on as the army was mobilized

the truth of aliens would soon be realised!


The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Foureyed Poet and commented:

    This was not the first alien to be transported! But the first to escape! The Foureyed Poet.


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