A Dark Shadow Stood!

From the abandoned house a dark shadow stood

only for a moment or two

had I seen the vision or was it a misconception

on a diversion route home

putting it out of my mind as imagination

or just lack of concentration!

  • Months passed when I read of a murder

unsolved I did not see the link

connected to that house I had wandered by

an estate agent one day I did spy

there a picture of the house up for sale

hypnotic yet cold and stale!

  • Drawn with a persistent urge to take a peek

within that dwellings inside

unable to stop my impetuous actions

a visit made for that evening

there at the entrance like a wreck I hesitated

what in that house waited?

  • The door opened with an unwelcome jerk

the assistant shaken by the move

as if it had been pulled sharply from the interior

she was reluctant to go further

a shadow seemed to move across the hallway

wishing I had not gone that day!

  • As curiosity made me continue the viewing

the shadow then went into the kitchen

compelled to follow into an oppressive aire

entering the back door opened

a shocked young agent came in with the key

falling in disbelief onto one knee!

  • Helping her up a shape appeared on the patio

moving to a gnarled dead tree

knew a body lay beneath the unkempt soil

why did it hurt so much

definitely the face from that upstairs window

it faded into a blinding glow!

  • A malevolent atmosphere was everywhere

no choice but to call the police

the two of us just looked at each other

as offices came to the grave

feeling foolish I told my tale at the spot

which was not a lot!

  • Reluctantly they listened and I was told to go

they did find a womans body

murdered beaten to death the ghost then unknown

who had committed suicide

it was assumed she had got a job and moved

not foal play but mutually approved!

  • There was a twist to my peculiar tale

the body in the grave was my mother

who abandoned me when I was a baby

the man my deranged half-brother!


The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Foureyed Poet and commented:

    How life can play strange tricks! The Foureyed Poet.


  2. scary & well written!


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