The Slayers- Endless Fight!

Blood dripped from the slayers sharp sword

her latest kill had not fully turned

she stood a frown upon her taut high brow

there was an old vampire near

another long night as the search began

sensing it was once a good man!

  • Leaving the corpse in a newly dug grave

started the hunt more to be slain

a full moon she had to be aware of werewolves

now heading into dead time

as Jay knew she needed support for this task

a figure watched behind a mask!

  • Heading home to consult with the watcher

fine tuned instincts told her

she was not alone but who dared to come near

approaching home a sound

hit her ears ducking as an arrow flashed by

in danger she could not deny!

  • Had she met her match now being stalked

a diversion was her ploy

nothing must distract her from the mission

this was part of her whole being

moving out of the towns lively main street

doubling back the enemy to meet!

  • Jay’s surprise she could not contain

jumping out on the one following

a young girl with a facial scar ready to fight

sprawled on the ground

that moment she knew this was a future slayer

the help she needed her name Maya.

  • Wild out of control now saw she was good

this night her goal had changed

the ancient one would have to go on hold

a new team member had arrived

knew this was the ancient prophecy foreseen

a force the world had not yet seen!

  • After a while Maya began to realise

the reasons behind her angry cries

meant to be here to hone her combat skills

puzzled why she had an urge to kill

an anger she could not quench or restrain

that intensity could not sustain!


Meant to to be here to fulfill her divination

a vampire slayer to protect

human beings from the many monsters

intent on their destruction

shaking hands side by side power surged

together evil must be purged!


Into the blackness of the endless night

Jay and Maya took the fight!


The Foureyed Poet.

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    The Slayers destined to fight the evil of this earth! The Foureyed Poet.


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