The Shield

The shield and armour weighed heavy

on the soldier guarding the castle

a long history of protecting the lords

who ruled the vast estate

in violent bloody times of unrest

soon he would be put to the test!


Rumours were abound of a warrior

who was leading a new uprising

to overthrow his masters long rule

he relished a confrontation

the chance of battle became a thrill

a hunger to seek out a kill!


He was a fighting soldier not a guard

war was looming the battles closer

friends died by this commanders hand

one desire to face him head on

His wife hoping he would not depart

for long ago won her heart.


As he stood a messenger arrived

warning of the impending foe

No hesitation the soldiers put on alert

he was ready now to go

His unit sent to confront and defend

is this where he’d meet his end?


Putting these thoughts aside

the enemy came into view

the shield held firmly in his left hand

trusty sword gripped in the right

they engaged in close quarter combat

a heavy blow knocked him flat!


Dazed upon the dirt he heard a shout

getting up instinct made him turn

tall warrior charged swinging his sword

catching his shield with a bang

Recoiling back he knew this was the one

his destiny had begun!


Their eyes met it was death or survival

around them the slaughter raged

the two fought with hatred in every blow

as each had their own blood flow

The light faded and still neither gave quarter

thinking of his wife and daughter!


Now exhaustion overcame them both

finding that last ounce of strength

the young soldier raised his sword and thrust

it pierced the leaders chest

exhilaration electrified his body and soul

at last he had found his role!


The journey home with the few alive

was mixed with many feelings.

The enemy had scattered so had the horses

wounded yet filled with pride

he saw the crowds and heard the cheers

his wife his child and their happy tears!


Victory always comes at a heavy cost

when you count all those that are lost!


The Foureyed Poet

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed reading it very much. Reading and writing poetry relaxes me and I think it’s soothing for the soul. Great job.

    A Poem for Mothers


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