Ouija Board!

The group sat completely intimidated

in a run down historic cottage

some new and inexperience showed

sat around a table they found

their purpose to use a Ouija board

now their anticipation soured!


This their first training investigation

each uncertain and scared

expectant they fidgeted in the dark

hands on the planchette

In the intimate silent circle they sat

was that a purring cat?


Tapping noises and creaks were heard

as the female leading spoke

calling out for any spirits to contact

anticipating some form of reply

a quite moan was heard in the dark

somebody got a scratch mark!


Overwhelmed at their first initiation

a paranormal experience for real

after half an hour the session is over

then a ten minute break follows

each able to express how it was going

what happened next is unknowing!


How would the rest of their night unfold

this question is yet to be told

none noticed an evil entity had entered

amongst them it had centered!


The Foureyed Poet.

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    Was it wise to use the ouija board! The Foureyed Poet.


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