What brushed by me that cold night

has haunted my life ever since

was it man beast or unknown origin

exploring a shutdown mine

something held my arm for sure

it chilled me to the core!


Then worked for a mining company

checking out a report of noises

from within the blocked entrance

that was still sealed tight

native workers would not go near

cowering frozen with fear!


One brave soul came to the site

remember being really scared

with a crow bar forced the planks

blocking our way in

soon the entrance was revealed

should have stayed sealed!


A terrible pain and a deathly chill

surged through my body

as if touched by something within

upon my exposed arm

sure there was activity in the dark

on my skin a burn mark!


Overwhelmed in terror made my exit

running like a jabbering wreck

past the frightened natives a coward

yet compelled as if  by a force

back at the hotel had it come back

at the door was a loud crack!


Bursting open a shapeless mass entered

yelling out it vanished

this evil entity now seems to haunts me

wherever I go it won’t let me be!


Later a lone figure was seen by the shaft

going inside as if in a trance

when the natives ventured near the mine

of any disturbance there was no sign!


A mining engineer was reported missing!


The Foureyed Poet.

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