Ghost Walk!

Why did I agree to do that ghost walk

was what I often asked myself.

leading groups around the old town

time too short for research of legends.

panic had set in long before the event

wanted to back out  but too much a gent.

Determined not to let anybody down

it became my new challenge.

putting on a good show for the public

creating the right atmosphere.

yet uneasy at what to expect now

the moment was here to take a bow.

Cue cards in hand I took that deep breath

as large groups followed me around

wearing top hat a cloak hiking pole in hand

like the pied piper they followed

listening to the tales of ghosts and folklore

as I talked they seemed to want more.

After all that apprehension I enjoyed it

ad-libbing as they came up close

but in the shadows it began to change

feeling that taste for blood persisted

onward I am the ghost walker now

eager to take the showman’s bow!

Dressed in black clothing out after dark

on the streets ending in that haunted park.

others soon began to join in silence

unfamiliar menacing vibes quickly grew

then silhouetted an ancient chapel so weird

sounds and movement as I neared.

Walking on grave stones of the long dead

anticipating them rising from sleep

whispering of unseen corpses haunting

your every step warning you of danger

as ancient spirits closed in on your soul

protecting a hidden unholy scroll!

On a cold winters night in a procession

of satanic worshippers behind

chanting knowing you are on the path

their presence strong and influence real

giving you command of their evil power

of those present their blood to devour!

That urge was hard to clear from my mind

knowing they waited for me to return

wanting to come back through my essence

to carry on those dark practices again

in deep torment soaked in my own sweat

for myself and humanity a lethal threat!

The Foureyed Poet.

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    Should have kept away from that Ghost Walk! The Foureyed Poet.


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