The Chapel!

How cold and dark the chapel looked that day

from the narrow dirt track

the overgrown graves adding to the gloom

no  longer did anyone pray

in this neglected forgotten medieval place

here a friend vanished without a trace!


This brought me to view this strange dwelling

a despair came over me that second

that gut wrenching feeling consumed my being

standing afraid started yelling

a spontaneous reaction that  would not stop

around fields filled with nature’s crop!


Never a believer in spiritual matters until then

a light breeze began to blow

why had made me venture to this solitary spot

from inside had there been a glow

compulsion made me open the rusty gate

what had happened to my mate?


A heavy atmosphere it was hard to breath

was that footsteps I heard

stopping to glance around nobody was there

two-horse riders passed waving

turning back soon at the solid wooden door

on it marks as if made by a claw!


Foreboding just wanted to get myself away

something stopped my urge for flight

praying the answers were somewhere inside

the summer light turned into night

dread within my soul was rising to its height

and the outcome of my own plight!


Pushing with hidden strength on the oak door

it swung open in the blackness starred

as my vision became more use to the dark

two red eyes looked back and glared

a growling rasp echoed acoustically clear

something was gnawing far too near!


In my jacket pocket I had put a small torch

taking it out turning on the beam

there before me a wolf  like creature stood

neither moved then it shot by

knowing this was the friend I had been seeking

running out saw the full moon peaking!


What I had seen was beyond my life’s beliefs

distant howls filled me with terror

could do nothing but sit shivering within

until the new dawn once more arose

never again to see my only childhood friend

could only reminisce until my end!


Things exists far beyond our comprehension!


The Foureyed Poet.

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    So long ago yet still fresh in my mind! The Foureyed Poet.


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