Certain something was closely watching

from that small upstairs window

never before had I felt piercing eyes

observing intently my every move

looking once again nothing was there

it was sunny was it just the glare?


Visiting a lost friend after some years

who had moved to this weird house

even outside took an instant dislike

somehow did not want to go in

but in the lounge sure I heard a voice

tried to ignore had no choice!


This had never happened to me before

my friend seemed to be oblivious

the discomfort was getting unbearable

a young woman suddenly appeared

stared at me then quickly had gone

for a moment just to leave did long!


Could not be rude our friendship renewed

we sat talking me feeling spooked

trying to enquire if this place had a history

luckily in our conversation she admitted

that a young woman had been found dead

did not seem phased filled me with dread!


Unable to stay made up a reason to leave

still shaking from that ice-cold stare

kept in close contact she was really nice

but could not visit that house ever again

the memory of that pitiful girls image stays

obsessed on my mind often preys!


Realised there is more out there than we realise

never found out if she saw it with her eyes!


The Foureyed Poet.

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    Never seen a ghost before! The Foureyed Poet.


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