Hells End!

One second it was there then disappeared

how did I take that wrong turn

the sign read ‘Welcome to Hells End’

it was not on my survey map

did not see the dark spectre with a hood

in the window came a piece of wood!


Had I been brought to this dreadful arena

strapped in the car it  would not start

shaking got out disorientated and alarmed

nothing stirred reluctantly walked

darkness had come with no warning

as it was only mid morning!


My cell phone was useless no signal

aiming towards a faint glow

spotting a movement I turned around

that figure was running my way

preparing myself for an instant attack

something cold hit me in the back!


It felt like I had fallen into freezing water

but nothing was in my sight

without hesitation took my chance

back to the car praying it must start

jumping onto the glass-covered seat

painfully now feeling the heat!


Luckily the keys were still in the ignition

after several turns the engine started

drove at speed trying to get far away

that ghostly shape there in the road

putting my foot down closing my eyes

the car began to fill with flies!


I had to look because I skimmed a tree

the adrenaline kept my foot to the floor

as the highway came quickly into view

sure my worries were now far behind

clear in my mind everything was fine

suddenly in front of me a sign!


It read Welcome to HELLS END!


Next memory a knock on the car window

walkers were concerned

now parked in a quiet country layby

no village anywhere

nor had anybody heard of such a place

gone without a trace!


The Foureyed Poet.

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    Had it been my imagination? The Foureyed Poet.


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