Dark Clouds!

Those dark clouds seemed unusually dense

as gazing up into the open expanse

relaxed in a deck chair on a fine evening

slowly thick clouds came across my vision

a formation not ever encountered before

when thousands of  birds fell to the floor!


Tingling sensations passed over my body

getting up could see now no longer alone

others now stared silently into the air

then into our sight the first craft emerged

something awesome unfolded as we gazed

at first there was calm little fear raised!


Like an epic sci-fi movie on the big screen

sitting in the best seats in the house

what was unbearable was the total silence

none could imaging their next move

military craft suddenly came into view

our future had ended this we knew!


Explosions rang out these craft fired back

any familiar images now destroyed

countless numbers died as we all watched

the sunlight was obliterated from sight

helpless to do anything just waited to die

no chance for my family to say goodbye!


But an inner strength came to me that day

determined my wife and child were safe

running together entered a nearby park

finding a group with the same passion

to escape from this invasion and survive

determined to fight and stay alive!


When we started the odyssey there was hope

darkness surrounding us and our hearts

it would be a long time before we found out

the shocking extent of the human rout!


The battle to claim our planet back had begun!


The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. What a deep poem. Very meaningful and I like how you composed it (if that makes sense…I like the shape, the format). Nice job!


    • Thank You so much for your lovely comment on Dark Clouds. And you can apprciate the story I am telling. malctg The Foureyed poet.


  2. Reblogged this on The Foureyed Poet and commented:

    From the clouds the aliens came! The Foureyed Poet.


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