The Curse Returned!

Winter had passed the thaw was under way

it had been unusually harsh and cold

stories had circulated the isolated village

of a large furry creäture roaming close by

howls and screams heard late into the night

families huddled together filled with fright!


Nothing like this had happened in living memory

but stories of past legends were still told

as an unknown number of people disappeared

attention turned to one youth in the village

accused of being the cause of those poor souls fate

but without any proof  an inconclusive debate!


But other stories said he was not of human origin

some of the young villagers took their revenge

violently dragging the suspect away to lynch him

but none of them strangely were ever seen again

it went quiet then and the area seemed to thrive

a century later that truce ended evil came alive!


A dank oppressive mist came out of nowhere

slowly permeating through village boundaries

as the locals cowered inside their sturdy homes

a figure moved cunningly down the main street

not of human form but a snarling raging beast

the curse returned  for revenge and to feast!


His nostrils detected there were humans about

a young couple had ignored the warnings

walking just ahead of the raging creature

it attacked without mercy the young man

adding another to the tally of the cursed beast

yet as he turned on the girl his savagery ceased!


But standing to stare at this monster in her vision

it bowed its head turned and then retreated

covered in the man’s blood feeling connected

calmly she cradled his broken lifeless body

then the heart started to beat strong once again

the legends were true her life would she retain?


Who was the girl who succumb what wad her role

the curse returned what would be the final toll?


The story must continue!


The Foureyed Poet.

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