On That Morning!

How the sun shone on that morning

a cold breeze surprised me

the drone of early commuter traffic

as the thousands struggled to work

on this day making a different sound

as near me I noticed an earth mound!


It seemed a normal boring Monday

but within a chill did deeply dwell

what was rising from beneath the soil

a slight tremor made me lose my balance

as another mound rose beneath my feet

splitting open releasing with intense heat!


A pungent steam started to pour out

luckily I was thrown some distance

but my cat was close and lay not moving

as I gazed there was a cloud forming

that moved towards the major road

when the air about me started to explode!


In a state of shock I got up my arm hurt

it was like a battle ground yet no army

looking up the cloud was gathering pace

others now joined in total panic by me

as the ground and air above became one

engulfed in fire all we could do was run!


Exhausted the crowds that had gathered

including myself came to an abrupt stop

we had reached the now still motorway

the huge fire-ball followed close behind

though houses and cars were ablaze

all we could do was stand in a daze!


But as the emergency services quickly arrived

the ferocity of the fireball began to subside.

the acrid smell swirled choking our lungs

thanking our maker we had been spared

there was a hush at this sudden event

was this by human hand or nature sent?


Nobody had told us we lived on a land fill site

or why it had ignited one day at early light!


Since that day the mystery has deepened now

I realise the truth was never told!


The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Foureyed Poet and commented:

    The truth was more sinister than they would ever admit! The Foureyed Poet.


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