Politicians Officers and War!

When was there ever a justification for war

as politicians and high-ranking officers

sit comfortably in the safety of their offices

far from the latest theatres of death

making decisions that cannot be reversed

many are now forever cursed!


Nothing ever changes in the military plight

lack of understanding of those who fight

the equipment and resources do not match

not a new problem but one that goes deep

thrust into battles where much is lacking

it should be sorted to give proper backing!


As more coffins come back to British land

a division is formed on why they are there

politicians and top brass justify their sacrifices

with arrogance stating the numbers are low

but as the casualties are beginning to rise

will the public always accept the lies!


Are they not considered expendable is this a fact

brave men fighting that noble cause

expecting those in command to respect their men

like pieces on a chessboard manipulated

at the whim of the politicians far from any war

what is the true aim of conflicts for?


In modern times it’s all computerised and digital

press a button stare at the screen

like video games but real human lives at stake

disconnection and emotional link

just political point scoring and a financial gain

they do not care about any fucking pain!


Written some years ago what has changed?


The Foureyed Poet.

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    How much do governments really think of their military forces? The Foureyed Poet.


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