The patches of  land not tainted by mans hand

are declining as the Scrabble to take increases

business parks still seem to be the fashion

natural habitats succumb to the scourge

buildings galore multiply even in recession

as the land goes more suffer repossession!


Even in these days of varying levels of hardship

more are losing their dignity and employment

there are those who gather in more wealth

at the expense of the large voting public

using them like pawns for their own agenda

most certainly not the people’s defender!


Shrinking national parks and fields of windmills

blot the once green and vast landscape

as animal and plant life are classed disposable

the environment is becoming a political tool

a few seem to be playing dangerous games

none of us can stop what are their aims?

Our world is getting more volatile  as technology enables those with their own agenda to proceed with the ever-increasing projects. I am sure these are not for our good or the environments. I wonder what is going on around us, maybe it is better we do not know. As the general public have no say or control. That surely must be a frightening prospect!

The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. What have we done to mother earth? No more garden of Eden.


  2. Hi Rellick. Thank you for liking Tainted! and for your great comment. Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.


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