Charming Little Place!

Charming little place thought the man

this quaint picturesque period cottage

on the edge of the thick dark forest

ideal certain he would retire here

how the last months had crawled by

pondering he let out a satisfied sigh!


As he stood outside of this empty place

better than the picture in his hand.

a chill engulfed him saw movement

then again from a bedroom window

Unsure whether he should go inside

what could this building have to hide?


Waited nervously for the estate agent

to give him the overdue guided tour

Uncertain of what he should do now

the trees he was sure had shook

as he pondered a car parked nearby

feeling this place was not a good buy!


An alluring woman came to him

looking on edge as she came near

before they spoke he heard a voice

telling him to get away from here

instinct nagged him to be alert

suddenly face down in the dirt!


That once pleasant young woman

had turned into a raging beast

a perverse mist engulfed the scene

and many figures came into sight

he lashed out and ran to his car

luckily grabbing a rusty iron bar!


Hitting out in a desperate scrabble

he got in and started the engine

as these beasts smashed the glass

claws tearing his skin as broke away

unable to take in what had occurred

at this moment it seemed absurd.


At the hospital suspicion was raised

the beast like injuries that he had

in the end the wounds were dressed

and he headed in fear for home

so exhausted he just fell asleep

falling on the couch in a heap!


Having an unpleasant nightmare

reliving the unprovoked attack

with a strong urge for raw meat

yet he could not wake himself up

but he was now no longer alone

a female spoke in a hypnotic tone!


With a wrench from dark depths

he sat up and she was there

the pretty woman estate agent

she smiled and held out her hand

sinking fangs in his neck done

no more to enjoy the golden sun!


Charming little cottage his new home

but not as he had wanted it to be

never a believer in vampires before

his new family welcomed him in

this time he went through the door

with the lust for blood forever more!


On this earth you never know what is near!


The Foureyed Poet

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    There is so much to fear! The Foureyed Poet.


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