The Mirror!

Coming upon the long mirror in that bedroom

there I saw my image looking cold.

With a complexion drawn full of gloom

not believing how I could look so old.

Despair could be seen etched on my face

what had drawn me to this mysterious place.


The house was historic yet somehow known

no way could I own a mirror like this one.

And a niggling feeling I was certainly not alone

almost glaring into a dark place with no sun.

I saw movement yet the image was not same

frozen in limbo I watched as the monster came.


Compelled in a morbid fascination to watch

as the clawed hand came out of the mirror.

Just catching my facial skin I broke clear

though not before my flesh was ripped.

Falling over furniture as the blood poured

over my clothes as I faced another mirror.


Disbelief and horror overcame my being

as in this identical mirror this ghoul.

Was about to come through the glass

stopping abruptly I grabbed a statue

Before it fell and instinctively threw it

no sound but a blinding flash a direct hit.


The next memory was of sitting up in a bed

a pain on my face covered in my own gore.

I had hoped it had been only a nightmare

aching and stiff I got up and looked about.

What was around me was the nasty room

from the mirror what was that in the gloom.


I yelled as the this fiend overwhelmed me

all went pitch black this was my end.

Then with a jolt  it was bright daylight

this was my bed how exhilarating it felt.

Making myself a deserved cup of tea

a knock on my door who could that be.


With an innocent gate I had to open it wide

a large paper covered parcel was there.

Not a soul was any where in my site

instinct made me falter in any action.

Knowing what was hidden there within

was the ancient curse about to begin?


With a tremor I had to rip open the rapping!


The Foureyed Poet.

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    Was it a dream or a premonition? The Foureyed Poet.


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