On The Edge!

Waking in a cold sweat without any reason

sitting on the edge of my warm bed

compelled to get dressed and go out

being drawn to an unknown destination

fear overwhelmed my very existence

as my home faded into the distance!


Can you imagine not having any self-control

with no clue what was happening to you

your legs directed by something else

down dark allies and dingy streets alone

nobody was about had death arrived

forced to a building your will deprived!


In the doorway a blurry shape stood watching

still unable to stop being drawn nearer

wanting to scream but no sound would emerge

as in your vision the creature formed

there a face that looked bloodless and pale

a deep penetrating stare in shock did exhale!


Like a guided robot I entered the derelict place

an awful smell made me want to vomit

bodies lay strewn on the concrete floor

other human like beings huddled in groups

baying as though I was their next meal

cowering as the ancient one made us kneel!


At that point I could move on my own again

knowing the slayer was very close

sensing Jay was within my visionary site

the vampires scattered as I heard the sound

with a  loud crack and lots of dust I knew

in that instant she stood a friend so true!


In our quest there was a chance these vampires

would try to destroy our foretold bond

seeking out these evil creatures of darkness

we almost kissed as the emotions ran high

yet there was no time for passions to show

knowing the dangers would continue to grow!


The evil was spreading we had only just begun

this Jay told me  in a curiously calm way

more like us would come the battle had to be won

together walking out into the new day!


The Foureyed Poet.

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    A new slayer was brought into the family! The Foureyed Poet.


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