Starship Victory!

Upon the bridge of the Starship Victory

exploring a galaxy far from their planet

the crew wanted to be heading home

but two on board had other thoughts

now soul mates this a forbidden act

on the crew’s fate would impact!


In that seemingly endless void of space

an unidentified craft followed the ship

on watch was the commander Alex Fray

and the chief engineer Bonny Monier

chatting intimately they had no idea

the object was coming too near!


Audible alarms had been switched off

sound drawing attention to their affair

passion overcame these senior crew

a communicator vibrated in his belt

attention was drawn to the closing craft

came into range it emitted a light shaft!


Now the computers sensors kicked in fast

overriding the illegal muted controls

as the commander approached the console

within seconds the crew were at their posts

as the alien craft retreated and fired again

the Victory returned taking the strain!


A superior vessel the battle was short

assumed the enemy vessel destroyed

cheers echoed around the on all decks

nobody saw Alex look at Bonny sharply

thinking the secret was still their own

in the computer’s memory was known!


Electronic circuit changes were developing

which the chief engineer soon discovered

checking to see if a visual record was there

an electrical charge penetrated her body

and on the floor unconscious she layed

into another unknown ship did fade!


Communications from earth to ship lost

their affair had left everybody in danger

nobody could have envisaged the cost

a rescue mission had been authorised

but the stricken vessel was conquered

the question how had this occurred?


Into uncharted space the ship was taken

by tractor beam the crew forsaken!




The Foureyed Poet.

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    The commanders error was a costly blunder! The Foureyed Poet.


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