Distant Horizon!

How she looked longingly out towards the sea

to the distant horizon and unsettled shores

her husband had just been posted away to war

first time parted since they were wed

a deep sense of foreboding would not go away

staring alone the skies turned grey!


Reluctant to leave her vantage point on her own

to head back to their special little home

pregnant with their first child this soldiers wife

so dreaded those weeks ahead

even with those fellow wives on the base nearby

thinking of her situation it made her cry!


Communication was not good in those months

as the date came ever closer to the birth

yet a determined young woman stayed strong

the months seemed to fly by very fast

that special birthday he came back on leave

by her side in fate they did believe!


Nobody knows what is up ahead or what will be

a challenge joy or nightmare

for as long as recorded history has existed

separation by continuous wars

strengthened the human spirit and resolve

for good or bad we evolve!


Forced separation is against our need for unity!


The Foureyed Poet

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    The power of belonging keeps us strong! The Foureyed Poet.


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