The Commander!

From the top of the hill the commander looked down

upon the carnage he had created in the valley below

able after years of war and conflict to be hard

too many good friends lay amongst the fallen foe

fighting at close quarter on a once picturesque scene

where flowers and roaming sheep had peacefully been!


The ground tainted where young soldiers had perished

fighting for what the purpose lost in the misery

yet he and his officers celebrated a victorious battle

the deaths would be brushed aside as collateral damage

there were always more to fight no time for remorse

one fact mattered to him keep the war on course!


His battered army headed back to camp as the night fell

taking it’s dead and wounded to count who was left

the commander gave orders to his officers reform the few

in the days when discipline and honour was the rule

his men were mainly volunteers or been forced to enlist

their justice was forty lashes or the sergeants iron fist!


Rest was short lived with yet another battle ahead to fight

the remaining men marched to another field of death

with only a few hours of rest no time to mourn

exhaustion in every step forcing themselves onward

the commander watched them all with a cold heart

ready with his strategy for the fighting to start!


How many wars or battles fought in this manner

in the history of never ending conflicts

though told there has been peace on this earth

just think of the countless human cost

war not only destroys property but humanity

achieving nothing but global insanity!


The Foureyed Poet.

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