Resting in my bed after a long busy day

about midnight I was woken by a click

it turned cold as I fell asleep once more

another click made me sit up with a start

nothing was out of place in the darkness

unease filled the silence with starkness!


Remembering when I was a young child

but now something was slowly creeping

up the bed covers there was a pressure

no sound could I hear except for a click

louder hard to stop the mounting fear

as the strange sensation came near!


Taking a deep breath bravely peered

there was a blurry shape on the bed

then it was gone making scuffling noises

a very loud thud silence then two clicks

quickly putting on the bedside light

instantly I suffered the vampire bite!


At first such terrible pain terror set in

the monstrous creature vanished

now just a faint click could I detect

all went pitch black now so very weak

had no idea of time on my bloody bed

no way to return from then on dead!


Realisation set in much heightened senses

dreading becoming one of the undead

the metamorphosis had been completed

not as ugly as the vampire that drained me

beware if you’re alone and you hear a click

have the garlic and a sharpened stick!


Are Vampires undiscovered creatures amongst us!


The Foureyed Poet.

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