Wild Black Dogs And Beasts!

Some times it did feel a chore out with the lively dog

then more often it was good in the fields.

What ever the season in all types of weather

but a few days ago that fun came to an end.

As I heard an unpleasant sound near to me

my companion and pal yelling unable to flee.


In a panic I ran to where the sounds seem to come

poor Zach my dog was nowhere in my sight.

Rustling from nearby bushes made me shudder

what could I do what was out here with me.

Again a deep growl came somewhere in the dark.

alone I had to get away and out of the park.


Just as I turned to flee I saw large red eyes staring

my bodies self-preservation mode made me run.

Pounding along the path towards the entrance

behind me I felt something was getting close.

Rhythmic thuds sounded above my running feet

at the boundary something jumped over a park seat.


The half-light had turned into a ghoulish night

something was prowling to close for comfort.

How helpless I felt my Zach had gone forever

but I only saw shadows and heard weird sounds.

At one moment a dark shape seemed very close by

as intense heat came over me then an almighty cry.


In disbelief I lent against a crumbling stone post

what was near that I just couldn’t see.

Where had my dog gone without a trace

as I backed away a woman and her dog passed by.

Before I could warn her she’d gone from my view

above my head I heard a noise the terror grew.


A loud scream shook me from my petrified state

it was hard to move back into that park.

A whimpering noise drew me to the lady on the floor

gripping a dogs lead but no pet was at the end.

A trail of blood led away as she lay savaged there.

As I helped her up did I see a shape turn away

fading into a mist who’d believe me in the light of day.


I took her to the hospital  then phoned the police

surprisingly they intently listened to my account.

As evidence backed up my strange story of a wild beast

who at present only liked our pets on which to feast.


Endless reports of wild black dogs with fiery red eyes

and unspeakable beasts from around the world.

Terrifying people while walking about alone at night

are they escaped animals from private collections?

Or is there a paranormal or demonic intervention

one more unsolved mystery drawing much attention!



The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. Creepy and scary 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on The Foureyed Poet and commented:

    Are there devil dogs and beasts roaming upon the earth? The Foureyed Poet.


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