Foot Print!

A bloody foot print in the sand was the only sign

of what had happened that fateful day

was it a row that drove him over the line

as the tide came in half covering the site

little left of those persons desperate hour

the riddle of passion and destructive power!


Sea water had removed some visible evidence

yet something happened in this paradise

now the CSI team moved onto the beach

with the skills to piece the mystery together

experts to search in detail this open place

Knowing only they could find any trace!


Hot and humid only the sea breeze was cool

an immense task on burning golden sands

a reported scream had brought them here

but so far nothing appeared to be wrong

a car had also been found nearby on a track

female clothes were found bloody in the back!


No trail of any sort around the four by four

the search continued at a slow pace

some yards away blood spatters were found

covered by the fine shifting golden sands

a few feet further on discarded sandals lay

without any doubt this was foul play!


Then several yards beyond into view was a foot

poking out of the sand and the experts knew

it would fit the print from the one found

soon a body was carefully uncovered

the investigation of another murder began

as the coroners team placed it in their van!


What happened in that fateful moment of rage

two young people met happily on the sand.

a wrong word and love vanished from his eyes

jealous as she mentioned a rival she liked

the man had seen them laughing last night

just a chance meeting sealing her plight!


To their favourite spot he had invited the girl

luring her into his vehicle for a drive

near the beach he stopped and gave a smile

suggested they get in the back for love

drawing a small knife he went to stab

but with her quick action he got the jab!


Disbelief showed on the young mans agonised face

yelling she tried with her jacket to stop the flow

as the blood oozed from his chest wound

adrenaline gave the girl super strength

pulling him out and away from the car

sadly did not get his rigid body very far!


Running with fear and dread to find some help

nature took a role as the light wind blew

innocently covering every piece of the evidence

as she ran she fell hitting her head on rocks

getting up she stumbled on along the bay

collapsing unconscious some distance away!


It would take time to find her but she was be fine

taking a few days for the sad truth to come out

from that moment a cry was heard in the sand

to opening her eyes gripping her mums hand!


The Foureyed Poet.

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