A light shone brightly high in the night sky

hovering strangely changing colours

then it started to dart about so very fast

with an incredible lone ariel display

in the encroaching dark with no sound

looking up while you are on the ground!


Stopping my car got out for a closer look

fear now entered my curious thoughts

as the light began to come closer to me

found myself shouting at it out loud

as a triangular shape became more clear

in an instant it changed into a sphere!


The silence was creepy nothing else moved

no other object was in that night sky

was it an alien craft or a man-made device

whatever it was never seen this before

in awe stared at this wonderful display

suddenly it was gone I wanted it to stay!


What my eyes witnessed was a mystery to me

never seeing this spectacle myself  before

wondered from what distant star or galaxy

here to observe or some other pursuit

wanted to contact my family by phone

driving away no longer feeling alone!


If aliens upon earth wanted to advance

surely man would not stand a chance!


But are they really from a distant galaxy?


The Foureyed Poet.

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