A Walk Alone!

Feeling depressed took a long walk all alone

out into the countryside just to think

my debts and partners constant moan

weeks of worries sleeping not a wink

getting close to taking my life away

for the first time in years  started to pray!


On into the quiet unpolluted fresh landscape

not noticing anything roaming in thought

so confused with worry  saw a shape

just ahead it glowed answers  sought

my relationship was coming to a bitter end

what was this now on a downward trend!


Just walking solemnly in the empty country lane

it dawned upon me it was a lady sitting

a sense of peace flooded my whole being again

in a style of clothing that seemed unfitting

for the modern era as she watched the view

she looked up and smiled kindly I did to.


Few words were spoken at first no need to speak

then slowly she told me of an unhappy life

felt sorry my troubles small and weak

living with a violent husband tales of strife

it was pleasant exchanging our problems openly

comfortably talking with this nice lady and me.


Hearing a voice angrily calling out getting near

a frightened lady then told me to go.

reluctant to leave she started to disappear

then was gone where I didn’t know

it was just me there unable take it in

yet was calm even had a happy grin.


Kept looking back yet nobody was behind

but somehow was not on my own

my head now clear the vision undefined

the relationship ended no bitterness shown

financial worries with guidance went away

hoping to find this lovely lady again one day.


How romantic to find somebody you could truly love. But from a different time in our history. I wonder if this young man will ever be re-united with the Lady he met on a lonely country lane.

The Foureyed Poet.

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