Cars On The Roads

The highways and byways are dangerous places

where cars are often in very poor conditions.

Not fit to be on the roads causing accidents

no tax or insurance plus no MOT certificates.

Also no licenses but it’ll not stop many driving

deaths and injuries grow many are lucky surviving.

Speed limits are set most motorists do ignore them

safe driving for a lot it seems is just a joke.

Racing around with no care for other road users

illegal vehicles crowd onto the designated roads.

Drunk on drugs or so fatigued they fall asleep

road carnage goes on making the families weep.

High speed pursuits are an increasing dangerous factor

as thieves and all manner of villains use stolen cars.

They’re a means of transport but also a lethal weapon

it’s one of the deadliest kind we tend to forget

Gone are those days of respect or courteous behaviour

out there on the road there’s not always a saviour.

Increasing hostility as more are victims of road rage

as drivers think others are invading their space.

The cost of owning and running cars rapidly rises

more ignore the law driving anyway taking the risk.

Cameras road pricing etc is taking its toll on transport

how will we get about if a sensible solution isn’t sort.

This is one of those subjects there is never a shortage of topical conversation. It’s so important how can we afford to get about? The motorist in many cases is being priced off the road. Yet public transport is far to expensive and unreliable. That’s because in so many cases it’s privately owned and their just after profit. Though a lot are still run by local authorities but the drivers want regular wage increases. Naturally you may say but the public have to pay. So their prices are going up constantly and it’s not cheap to use the local bus now and routes are cut  as well, which can make it pointless getting on the bus if it no longer goes near to your home. Not everybody can get a smaller car, afford one at all, even drive a car or afford to pay for a taxi. Also not everybody wants to get on a bike or is capable to ride one. It’s all very well the government rapidly increasing fuel duty or Tax. But this affects the cost of food and all goods as the transport firms pay more so do we the people at the end of the chain, already being bled dry through all the other taxes.

The Foureyed Poet.

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