The Village!

Riding on the country lane no sounds could be heard

fresh air and a gentle wind blew I was in repose

for years I had taken this route nothing else stirred

yet from within some ancient memory then arose

several miles onward my horse trotted proud and tall

fear tugged at my thoughts as we slowed to a crawl!


Mutual instincts honed at each sight sound and smell

my horse came to a shuddering halt without warning

through the thick mist there was the clanging of a bell

upon a village dark and oppressive as if in mourning

appeared right before my shocked disbelieving eyes

with the sounds of terrified inhuman cries!


What was this joyless village I had not seen before

with no way to avoid or escape this phantom place

with great difficulty I managed to move a little more

inside I knew there was no choice the evil had to face

driven to go on as strange noises came from behind

towards the church we went what would we find?


Monks in cowls surrounded us being forced up the hill

towards the grim-looking church graves on either side

my  steed and I together for years both had an iron will

his fear and pounding heart like mine now to decide

as in the distance was a light my horse lowered its head

instantly bolting with power strength and luck we fled!


Ignoring the evil voices pitiful screams loudly in our ears

claw like hands tearing at our flesh how the blood flowed

now getting more distorted as the sweat gushed like tears

fatigue ebbing our chances suddenly everything slowed

there was an amazing brightness then no sound at all

as my last memory was feeling my battered body fall!


Next memory laying on dirt exhausted on the same lane

glancing back several hooded figures watching me

as I watched faded away I really had not gone insane

my loyal horse then came up to me both safe and free

on his body deep scratch marks my clothing torn as well

walking back feeling uneasy again I heard that bell!


Tension remained it was though we were being watched!


The Foureyed Poet.


The Foureyed Poet.

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    I had never seen that village before! The Foureyed Poet


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