Was It An Angel?

From high upon a building something moved

below a scene of panic in a busy city centre

this being had not been seen was it evil or holy

within an instant it would spectacularly enter

soon the image above started to brightly glow

the moment was here like a rocket did it go!


A robbery was taking place the gang sped away

smashing into anything that got in their path

elated with the mayhem and violent display

not concerned at the chaos or total wrath

racing another car none of them saw it there

within a split second trapped now aware!


Everything stopped the gang was tightly bound

many stared at the ethereal lady on the car roof

four villains bruised and battered made no sound

she floated gracefully to the ground a majestic star

was she an angel to their knees the people fell

eyes glaring nobody wanted to break this spell!


Few words spoken but every soul there understood

peace would be the key the wrongs to be put right

like tales of super heroes she was here to do good

with a smile so bright she faded into the night

shaken yet changed the crowds soon melted away

dazed the crooks cursed why had she come today?


At that moment nobody could have taken in

was this the beginning of the end of all sin

an angel sent from heaven to destroy the evil

or magical superhero here to save all humanity

protect us from the tyranny upon us imposed

and countless wrongdoings at last exposed!


In awe and anticipation there was hope at last

that justice upon a brutalised society cast!


The Foureyed Poet.

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    Who was this beautiful being was it an Angel? The Foureyed Poet.


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