The human population is rapidly growing

so are forest and fertile lands their going

demand increases for food and housing stock

revelations about our state no longer shock

animals decline wanted for their tusks and hides

as man dominates his moral standards slides!


It has been known for years many it seems

humans in search of their many dreams

millions of insects and birds disappear

too few think of them this is certainly clear

destroying natures ecological balance its said

how carefully now should we all tread.


Plants and trees on the same downward trend

speeding our way towards the very end

but can we be sure that humans will rock on

until other life has really packed up and gone

killing anything at all that stands in its way

nothing else counts or has a right to stay!


Our arrogance in thinking that we are superior

killing all life forms and decimating earths interior

we should by now see we are merely just mortal

each one equal as we pass through life’s portal!


Mankind respects nothing not even himself!


The Foureyed Poet.

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