Darkness Fell!

Darkness fell upon the earth as the predicted end was near

forces of evil had been unleashed from an undetected hell

from being the dominant species he was now filled with fear

vampires and witches roamed their numbers to swell

every creature alive was in the same state of torment

the world we had known had gone into deep descent!


Through greed and the worship of materialistic wealth

scientist experimenting with the fabric of time and space

seeking advances in allowing us to have perfect health

whether other dimensions existed gathered a frantic pace

undetected rifts were made allowing dark forces in our domain

hope had gone but nobody in power would accept the blame!


Military uses had been forced through in the name of defence

control blinded their actions no thought for the chaos created

the so-called intelligent brigade were really more dense

as the dark evil forces swarmed in how they were feared

decay and endless torment crept upon us from outside

none were safe but a few freedom fighters defied!


Humans had brought this upon their foolish selves

going into ancient history had been warned to avoid

mythical creatures came to devour goblins demons elves

was there a special and great leader who was humanoid

in the real nightmare those still alive desperately prayed

a saviour would come to guide them a new future laid!


Written in times of darkness much anguish must be endured

that day of liberty would come new birth assured!


Was that true or would this hell last for eternity?


The Foureyed Poet.

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