Through the centuries man has battled each other

killing unable to live in a harmonious relationship

with more major conflicts of treachery and death

there is no remorse just continuous animosity

nothing is different as endless carnage goes on

how the many millions for peace do long!


Everyday reports of more pointless dying and misery

suffering in an unbearable way to exist each second

when there are those that other lives mean nothing

just wanting to destroy but what is their reasons

some can see only talking and politics in play

not accord to really make the horrors go away!


So much talking to a common denominator

to live in a more balanced peaceful society

but no progress to create more peace zones

believing everyone has a right to life and safety

no man is better than another from any race

on our planet hurtling through a vast space!


Endless conflicts what has it solved nothing

but made the planet unstable

the population feel despair helpless and hate

there is for a genuine debate!


The Foureyed Poet.

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    Why is the world getting more unstable? Has it been planned? The Foureyed Poet.


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