Road Rage!

Without warning the anger welled up inside

sensed a motor scooter come too close

in an instant compelled to shout out abuse

truthfully not really knowing why

giving chase in a violent rage did explode

speeding along the inner city road!


Out of sight the rider had sped from view

then cooled down felt so daft

what came over me in those mad moments

no doubt many have thought

seeing red becoming a hunter after its prey

with fatal outcome or serious affray!


Reported assaults and threatening behaviour

on highways and byways increase

that danger exists nobody out there is immune

tempers explode reflecting our society

when motor vehicles are used to maim and kill

breaking even the strongest will!


Violence in society is not confined just to war

it sadly takes many guises

road rage a callous extension of man’s cruelty

often not considered a weapon

but when human rationality has been lost

there is an unrecoverable cost!


Most are moments of unforgivable madness

some remain intentional evilness!






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  1. Reblogged this on The Foureyed Poet and commented:

    Man’s anger has no barriers! The Foureyed Poet.


  2. Sadly we live with every day whilst on the road. Every moment behind the wheel there is danger from other users but we must refrain from the anger that builds.


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