The Barn!

A thunder-storm raged terrifying flashes of lightning sliced across the sky and the thunder sounded like heavy artillery fire. It was a bad place to break down but the two couples in the red mini did not seem worried at this moment. The two lads Tom and Pete got out reluctantly to look under the bonnet. But as it was raining so hard there was little they could do. So the two girls in the car Jen and Sue who had hoped not to have to get out, made the decision to try and find a place to shelter. Jen got into the driving seat while the lads pushed, the girls laughed watching their boyfriends getting soaked. It seemed like hours that they were pushing the small car in the pitch dark except when the lightning lit up the sky. In one of those flashes and loud thunder claps the silhouette of an old barn became visible just ahead of them. They wondered where they were, because the last time they’d seen a road sign it read eight miles to Cheltenham. As the four of them were heading to the town hall for a dance. But in the torrential rain they had taken the wrong turning and got completely lost. The group neared the barn a cold shiver ran simultaneously up their spines. All of them were cold and the lads had the added discomfort of being soaking wet. Luckily for Tom whose car it was kept a few blankets in the small boot. This they were all thankfully for. One of their first blunders was to leave the car headlights on as within half an hour the lights were very dim. As the car crept closer towards the foreboding looking barn. The front wheels sank into the rutted muddy road up to the axle. So now there was nothing else they could do but abandon the vehicle where it was. Consequently the tired weary group walked the last fifty yards to the entrance. Standing outside they did not want to go in. Jen Tom’s girlfriend suggested they stayed in the car but Tom and Pete were soaking and didn’t think this was a good idea Jill agreed. So Jen was out voted as it was felt it would be easier to keep warm. But soon they would wish her suggestion had been heeded.

It was as they stood there odd things began to happen. Tom looked behind him to see his car was safe, only to discover it wasn’t there anymore. Taken aback he gave out a cry of surprise, when he did that all of them turned around to look at the empty space. This was not the only strange happening. The whole scene seemed to have changed, now it was a clear night with the stars in the sky and no clouds to be seen. There was also a feeling of frost in the air. Tom decided to run back in the direction of where the mini had been standing, but found he was stopped by an invisible wall. As with great surprise he hit it and ended up rubbing his head on the ground. Once again they all stood stunned then what sounded like gun fire could be heard in the distance. As if on cue the barn door opened all of them had to jump out-of-the-way. But nobody had touched the large wooden door.

The four young people just stood frozen to the spot unable to understand this strange experience that was happening to them. As the large old door that seemed in very good condition now crashed to a halt on a stone door stop and came to rest. This did indeed shock them out of their paralysed state and they very cautiously walked inside. As they did the gunfire seemed to be getting nearer. Inside the barn it appeared like any other barn they’d seen on the television, not that any of them had actually set foot in a real one before. Or what looked real in their blurry eyes, though it was a dark and damp smelling place. A loud bang behind them made them all turn sharply around to find the barn door had slammed shut. This was when their nightmare really began for them all. It now felt they were enclosed in a tomb, except they could still hear the gunfire outside. Although the sounds somehow felt from a different time alien to their senses. Yet none of them felt alone there was something else lurking in the shadows and for some reason the they had walked in on a terrible event that had happened long ago. The barn was fully equipped or so it seemed in their layman’s eyes. The loft was full of hay and hay in the stalls seemed fresh. But there were no animals about but plenty of ploughing type equipment. And there were horse harnesses they recognised these all looking in very good condition. The lads decided to go up the ladder into the loft and look out through the loft doors, but neither would open. But there were large cracks to see through. But neither of them could see anything it was just pitch darkness outside. The girls shouted up nervously almost to afraid to call out. ” What can you see?” ‘Ah’ both the girls screamed as they had seen a grotesque figure hanging by its feet from a cross beam by a chain. The body was rhythmically swinging, blood dripping from a large gash in its throat a large pool of blood was on the floor below. The girls now shouted hysterically and so the lads came down quickly to see what the problem was. But when they got there the figure had disappeared . Vanishing a second before as the girls stared in disbelief unable to turn away. Each one was now feeling very tired, hungry and scared. Suddenly loud bangs were heard on the main doors, then it flew open. Voices were heard shouting and they could see more phantom figures that looked like soldiers dragging a body behind them. An agonising scream was followed by even more blood curdling screams. The clanking of chains and the sound of something heavy being hauled upwards was also heard followed by silence. Then Tom thought that he saw a shadow and felt something dripping on his left shoulder. When he looked up in the dim light, he found that it was what looked like blood dripping from a cross beam above his head, but there was nobody there. Then figures appeared laughing as they went out of the barn and the door banged shut. A cold wind started to blow through the cold barn and a faint rasping voice was audibly heard whimpering ” Help me!”

Apart from the wind which seemed to chill their very souls and that faint voice everything was quiet. This remained the case for a short while, they had a chance to try and force themselves to rest. Though this proved to be a near impossible task, for there was the uneasy sense that a tragedy had happened here . An unsettled spirit was with them which was almost too much to bear. The four of them huddled together for warmth and comfort, yet it was no good it was getting colder and colder in an oppressive atmosphere. Peter looked at his watch only to find it had stopped at nine thirty. This was the time that they had entered the barn, it was though time had stood still but when?

Time might had stood still but the two couples hadn’t. They were feeling sick with hunger and their conditions were deteriorating. All losing weight which was so odd they thought as it had only been a few hours. Tom foolishly decided to wander off on his own, though feeling weak he had the urge to look around. It was a big place and a strange feeling came over him then he noticed there in front of him stood a weird-looking man. His sudden appearance was a shock to him. Although only a few feet away from him he had difficulty seeing him in the poor light. But could make out it was dressed in a ragged military type uniform. Tom called out as loudly as he could in his poor state, for the others to come over to see for themselves. But after struggling to the spot the figure had gone. They all stared in disbelief with no idea what would happen next. Pete decided he had to get out of the barn as he felt the building was falling in on top of him. He told the others he was going to look around outside.  They were not keen and didn’t want him to go, but he ignored their concerns and headed for the doors. As he did the soldier dressed in a ragged uniform stood in front of him and this time spoke. Pete tried to call out but no sounds came out. The soldier spoke but his lips didn’t move yet he heard every word. ” I want my revenge on my killers, I have waited so long.” With that no other sound was uttered. The soldier turned the barn door opened enough for the figure to go through, Pete couldn’t stop himself from following. It was so dark he thought in the emptiness. Then he felt himself falling with a chain gripping tightly around his ankles, to late he realised the soldier was the man hanging in the barn. And now he was the victim, the unknown soldier had been avenged for his brutal slaying.

Jen, Jill and Tom didn’t see Pete go out and were wondering where he had got to as panic was now setting in. They sank to the floor as they were so weak, nearby etched in a wooden panel was the date 1783. But none of them saw this or cared as each of them slipped into a deep sleep and had the sensation of falling. Then they all heard the familiar sound of birds singing dawn was breaking, the three looked at each other wondering where Pete was. And staring at each other not believing what they saw. Their clothes were in tatters dirty and each was so thin and they were so hungry. So it could not have been a dream because they were still in the barn though it now looked much older. Yet they could not understand where their close friend Pete had gone.

It was  an effort to try and get up it was so painful to move quickly, as the three edged their way to the now half-opened barn door. Outside the car was visible in front of them still stuck in the drying mud. To their left stood a clump of trees near the narrow road. As they walked towards them there was something hanging from one of the trees swinging backwards and forwards, it was a body! They stopped abruptly in their tracks it was Pete! He was hanging by his feet attached to a chain, a pool of blood below him with his throat cut. Feeling so tired all of them sank to the ground below the hanging body.

In the distance the sound of the police and barking dogs could be heard approaching, searching for the missing youngsters. The four of them had been reported missing just over ten days ago. As the police neared the clump of trees the dogs got the scent. What they found was three bodies emancipated and their clothes in tatters and a fourth body was found hanging from a tree. Bur amazingly Jen was found alive but only just and was rushed to a local hospital nearby. She had survived but it would take many months for her to recover. But she never did remember what happened on that fateful night when the car she was in with her friends broke down. It was locked deep inside her mind. But from then on she could not understand why she was so scared of the thunder and lightning. At the time they were found the police inspector commented to his sergeant ‘ I don’t suppose we will ever know what happened here.’ How right they were as a cold breeze started to blow across the open fields. There was no barn to be seen anywhere on the landscape. Time is endless but man is not.

The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. The Barn .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.


    • Thank You. Glad you enjoyed ‘The Barn’. The Foureyed Poet.


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    Their car broke down the four had to find shelter from the rain in a barn! The Foureyed Poet.


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