Captain Jake!

I first viewed their coming by the roar of loud gunfire

the sound travelled crystal clear on the head wind

then canvass sails could be seen fiercely blowing

dread passed amongst the group on the shoreline

pirates were on the breath of the trembling crowd

a ship came into view on the tide the flag displayed

a depressive air came over the village as we fled

long boats hit the beach the devil Captain Jake lead!



Breathless up the cliffs men women and children toiled

tiring at each step knowing the pirates were very close

then in sight the old chapel was coming into plain view

thirty terrified tired souls  staggered into this sanctuary

yet the sounds of the shouting hoard came ever nearer

children were whimpering their mothers were brave

each man including me numbered fifteen scared souls

at this hour desperate angry unsure of our roles!



Feeling trapped like rats in a trap tension was high

agreeing in unison our only hope to summon help

who would go and tell the customs men of our plight

a brave young lad stood up without any hesitation

proud to try and save his extended family if he could

no seconds to spare out of a rear door he sped

across the desolate moorland of the Cornish moors

females screamed as banging hit the double doors!



Barricading the doors in the place with wooden pews

the crescendo of sounds around us continued to grow

reaching for anything to use as a weapon for defence

pieces of wood or even crosses being prepared to fight

spying the church bell rope I tugged on it to make noise

the old bell clanged loudly clearly helping to ease our fears

drowning splintering of wood and stained glass smashing

without warning the doors exploded falling crashing!



Now prepared to be butchered all stood firmly on holy ground

sounds of musket fire reached our ears like angelic music

in the shattered entrance Captain Jake stood in front of us

cutlets ready in his hand with the murderous band behind him

that bell still ringing at each other for some seconds stared

the custom men drew nearer he cursed then turned and ran

he had disappeared almost as quickly as the soldiers arrived

first came the boy elated cheering thanking god all survived!


But somehow Captain Jake escaped!


The Foureyed Poet.

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    Pirates the most feared enemy were coming ashore! The Foureyed Poet.


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