A Lonely Figure!

Darkness fell over the large empty railway yard

the night watchman started his lonely round.

His footsteps echoing on the concrete so hard

nothing else stirred to create any audible sound.

Charlie had pounded his beat for years without harm

wandering in a practised routine he hears an alarm.

Nearing a large engine shed there was a sound within

entering quietly he stood amongst huge engines of steam.

Very cautiously then clanging noises made a loud din

soon he stood watching chains swinging from a steel beam

An uneasy sensation made him stop and stare into the dark

a figure of a child looked back at him the vision so stark.

He takes a deep breath thinking to himself was it real

another sound the temperature suddenly drops.

Without warning in front of him those chains of steel

the child was standing there again petrified he stops.

A young face that looked really sad and pleading

on his chest he seemed to be heavily bleeding.

Not waiting anymore scared he hurried out of there

unsure if he told anybody just what could he say.

Back in his office shaken on the wall he was aware

of an old paper clipping he had not seen before today.

Reporting an accident of heavy chains crushing a young boy

whose father had been in the railway works employ!

Wandered in while waiting with his mum to meet his dad

as a surprise after coming from his school

On noticing he was missing the managers were very mad

a young child in the factory broke every factory rule

This happened one hundred years ago to the very hour

he was found at the base of a high crane tower!

Alone at his desk afraid of every sound and movement

rapidly into a state of paranoia charlie was in descent!

The Foureyed Poet.

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    The dead child returned to haunt Charlie! The Foureyed Poet.


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