War Zone!

Surely the streets are becoming a war zone

law and order is fading at a high rate

murders all crime increasing by the hour

few feel safe in their own homes

police in the public eye are hard to find

gangs increase more afraid to be alone!


Who rules how we live today hard to define

fear and suspicion is rife a narrow line!


The youth do what they want to it appears

out of control in many places

nobody can say or dare tell them anything

discipline and respect part of history

family values and unity are lost that’s clear

an increasing environment of fear!



Not able to enjoy or feel safe when out

this is what out present society’s about!


So is there more violence on our streets

as law and order is compromised

with the persistence to make drastic cuts

private security having to be used

allowing criminals to flourish unabated

the government in power hated!


Is this a true observation as technology

designed to make living easier

has been turned into a criminals tool

where fraud is increasingly

causing hardship to a struggling public

becoming a major news subject!


The Foureyed Poet.


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    Is this a true reflection of modern day society? The Foureyed Poet.


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