Daniel’s Friend

Daniel was a very excited little boy because it was Christmas eve. Mummy and Daddy had just tucked him up in his cosy bed. But like all children at Christmas, he just couldn’t sleep. And thought to himself I’m going to stay awake and see Father Christmas. Daniel also thought of all the toys he had asked Father Christmas for, a garage with some cars, a batman costume, a watch and some games. But what he really wanted was a shiny red pedal car. Then as he saw himself in his own car Daniel’s eyes became heavy and soon he was fast asleep.

As Daniel slept Father Christmas came quietly into his room and left all the presents that he had asked for at the bottom of his bed. When leaving Father Christmas tapped the pedal car and said ” Now remember, look after Daniel”. He smiled and in seconds was off once more to take presents to all the other children, flying high in the sky.

All was silent until about five in the morning. Daniel woke up as fresh as a buttercup and eager to see if he had any presents. Daniel jumped out of bed. Then in the light of his bedside lamp he could see a bright red car. He ran over to the car and just couldn’t believe it. Daniel rubbed his eyes then looked again. Yes, it was still there. He touched the car excitedly then got in and said ” My own little car “.” Oh what shall I call my Shiny red car”? He put his hand on the button in the middle of the steering wheel and pressed ” Beep! Beep!. The sound made him laugh. ” Beeper, yes that’s your name” talking to the car. Putting his feet on the peddles he drove around the room. ” I know we shall have some fun Beeper, let’s go and show Mummy and Daddy.

As Daniel went towards his bedroom door a voice that sounded soft and kind said ” Let your Mummy and Daddy sleep for a little longer Daniel”. Daniel looked around the room a rather scared, ” Whose there? he said very slowly.

” Don’t be afraid” the voice spoke again. There was a pause then ” Daniel I’m your friend Beeper”

” Beeper” said a surprised Daniel he got out of his car and jumped onto his bed keeping his eyes on the little car, which turned towards him on its own. ” Is it really you talking to me”?

” Yes Daniel” Beeper answered.

” Oh I must Tell Mummy”.

” I’m sorry Daniel, but I can only talk to children that have been good. Grown ups wouldn’t believe in real magic, their minds are closed.

” Alright beeper, it’s our secret, do you like your name”? added Daniel.

” Yes Daniel it’s a very nice name thank you. Are you going to open your presents now”? Said Beeper rather excited.

” No I think I’ll go back to sleep for a little while, I do feel tired. I’m glad your my friend Beeper, I do get lonely without a Brother or Sister”.

” I know you do, I too am very glad to be your friend Daniel” said Beeper softly. Daniel smiled and laid down on his bed and fell asleep with his left hand touching Beepers bonnet. ” We shall have some fun Daniel” whispered Beeper, ” Wait and see”.

Two hours later Mummy and Daddy came into his room and saw Daniel with his red car by his bed.  How happy their young son looked, but they didn’t see Beeper smiling. Only Daniel knew this was no ordinary toy car, but a magic one.

when he woke up the second time he called his parents in to see him open all the presents. Then sat with a big grin in Beeper his talking car.


I wrote  this short children’s story some years ago just for fun my children had grown up by then.


The Foureyed Poet.

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    A short children’s story written just for fun. The Foureyed Poet.


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