Electric Pylons!

Electrical pylons stand erect

spoiling our open view

bizarre monsters on the scene

raised high into the air

supporting high voltage cables

how coldly they stand there!


A twentieth century design

to get the power through

electricity it surges onward

through hanging cables

firmly on their concrete bases

over farms and stables!


These pylons can seem ominous

but we need the power

like factories can’t be ignored

replacing the once rural scene

covered in endless houses

where once fields were green!


People forced to live beneath

they have to be endured

monoliths of a past century

creatures too pass below

like us yield to the intrusions

what dangers from them flow?


Within this century wind turbines

add to the skylines blemish

that natural beauty is disappearing

more land turned for construction

natures cycle being ruined forever

automation our destruction!







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  1. Reblogged this on The Foureyed Poet and commented:

    No longer the trees that please the eyeline! Man made monsters now rule the scene! TheFoureyedPoet.


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