Why Marie?

You ask me why I want to be

in your company each day

because you still do not see

you Marie love in every way!


For so long have tried my best

to be within your kind heart

yet feel each meeting is a test

we never seem to really start!


What else can we really say or do

you can trust my heart’s desire

when we are able to say it is true

make us both feel the raging fire!


Two Years have now passed us by

yet our passion has not grown

my minds in turmoil thinking why

your thoughts of me still unknown!


Without a partner it is no fun at all

my feelings being near to you

in an empty house nobody to call

or be there to see a crisis through!


How I would like you with me

being happy when you are near

but unless you to can truly see

my only avenue to stay sincere!


After both our marriages failed

trust is hard to rebuild

fear of that rejection engraved

in more misery enslaved!


But that moment is upon us now

being together or to failure bow!






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