Nobody Can know

Nobody can know what your actually thinking

or how your self-respect has been shattered

it is a personal hell you face all interlinking

to make your existence seem totally battered

none of your Relationships never seem to last

with determination we must confront the past!


Hard as it maybe for us to create a new dream

in the end only we can truly decide

if we can be charming  get out with the team

do not be depressed so regain our pride

believe you are as good as anybody around you

this is something I know is true!


Once you have been drained of your confidence

feeling so much weight on your head

wanting to scream being wound up and tense

thinking ou only way out is dead.

Remember your children they need you there

their love is strong they truly care.

It’s often the case during divorces or it use to be. Men often got stressed and depressed. I’m sure little has changed, but it’s often not noticed. Not the manly thing to do get depressed. And this can be bottled up inside. The GP tried to get me to take pills when I started to feel like this during my first divorce but I felt I could only help myself. I got pretty low, even when I knew the marriage wasn’t working out, I tried to keep it going. Should have learnt my lesseon the first time. But then I think I would not have had my second son. The poem reflects how I felt during this time. And the thought of my children kept me going.

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