Around The Table!

Around the rickety table a group sat

holding hands in a psychic circle

at first silence except a purring cat

six people with different powers

in a dimly lit room of a haunted house

tension mounted in those early hours

odd noises now noted from all around

each frozen evil was earthbound!


Was that piercing howling a hell-hound

a wind began rising were spirits near

shapes began coming from all ways

everyone dreaded what would appear

before them stood a strange old man

glaring at the girl who summoned him

there intently staring she got up and ran

with lifeless eyes each he did scan!


The winds grew they discarded like toys

one lone sole courageously remained firm

strong willed stayed focussed and steadfast

evil  would not break his determined resolve

struggling to stand and breath the spell cast

everyone else were strewn upon the cold floor

he shouted out strange ritual words in a flash

as in chaos good and evil began to clash!


Staggering to get up watched this being fade

into oblivion before their tired heavy eyes lids

in their minds a faint voice sent them all reeling

it said get out before you join me in dark realms

flames engulfed the room yet all were protected

violently yet unharmed by a force ejected!



Finding themselves cowering on the gravel drive

as before them the building burned

as a huge devil shape formed above their heads

rising from the fierce spitting flames

towering over them then an almighty explosion

in terror could only watch to the spot frozen!


They left uncertain of what was yet to come!


The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. Awesome thought at the end…there’s more out there than we see:)


  2. Hi Infinitezip Thank you so much for liking ‘ Around The Table!’ And your comment. I have an open mind. Take Care. The Foureyed Poet.


  3. Reblogged this on The Foureyed Poet and commented:

    What evil had the group stirred and unleashed? TheFoureyedPoet.


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