The Old Building Stands!

Derelict now the old building bleakly stands

neglected rotting woodwork smashed Windows.

A sad sight for once such an important place

in the days of the GWR rail works it thrived.

New Swindon that created mighty steam locomotives

the Mechanics Institute was the people’s pride.

Now surrounded by a high spiked metal fence

to protects its destruction from those who don’t care.

So nature proceeds to decay the empty shell

a sight that fills many locals with a genuine despair.

The wind howls driving rain invades this wreck

no mercy as vermin and birds make it their home.

This once proud building its future remains unknown

with its spirit broken what chance it could be reborn.

To be able to give joy and laughter once again

for all people of this unpredictable new millennium.

Because of those bold pioneers of the steam age

how can this monument be allowed to fall.

The brickwork still covered in eighteenth century soot

near to the park where past generations made their fun.

To stare with such imagination at this pitiful site

your eyes cannot behold the splendour it once had.

Yet will it again be standing proudly in bright light

a beacon of hope and foundation for Swindon’s future.


Written in 2007  this once glorious building stands

even more decayed with still no willing hands!


The Foureyed Poet.

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