Life Then Was Hard!

Life then was hard in those early days

in Swindon’s massive rail workshops

where conditions were basic and harsh

working long hours in heat and noise

furnaces blazed to create the power

forging the steel needed to mould

magnificent living steam engines

made with passion and skill it is told

workers could not watch the clock

wages were only counted in shillings

Great Western Railway the employer

new Swindon was born out of the works

stone iron and steel covered the land

at the bottom of the steep Kings Hill

industrial progress increased sharply

farmland no longer lay virgin and still

rows of cottages built for the toilers

a hospital soon rose from the ground

the church of St Marks so they could pray

a park to unwind in their limited leisure

the Mechanics institute for their pleasure

located by the main London to Bristol line

then being far from its from decline!


A New town was created for the rail works

the historical town at the top of KingsHill!


The Foureyed Poet.

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    A railway town was born! Then eventually died! TheFoureyedPoet.


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