Around The Pond!

The wind blows at varies speeds through the trees

making them rustle and sway in rhythmic motion.

just below a small pond ripples with ease

fish touch the surface bubbles appear without commotion.

Few other sounds disturb the cool peaceful air

a lone fisherman sits poised his line baited.

Patiently waiting until the fish are aware

the line goes taught another catch he is elated.

Clouds are reflected in the reddish coloured pond

green and brown fields rise steeply behind your back.

with nature you feel such a natural bond

ducks chatter with an occasional loud quack.

Birds sing in a most pleasant relaxing mode

the sun beams down on a still unspoiled scene.

Not yet destroyed here the developer has not strode

to make this yet another earthly has been.

All manner of insects fly happily all around

bees dragonfly buzz and mingle about you.

The only foreign noise humming power lines abound

delivering energy like arteries disappearing out of view!

The Foureyed Poet.

What inspired me to write this poem was a lovely holiday in Devon about ten years ago.My youngest son and I stopped in this lovely bed and  breakfast guest house we were the only ones there. My son was keen on fishing and the guest house was on a small farm, with its own fishing lake. So sitting there in such a wonderful spot gave me the picture I have written here. The weather was very pleasant to. This often makes me realise it is  the simple memories that stick in the mind more easily. It is so nice when families get on, if families can’t get on it gives little hope for the rest of society.

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