The young girl walked very slowly

down a crowded and noisy street.

Head bowed feeling alone and lowly

not wanting to talk shuffling her feet.

Dejection showed in her pretty face

looking much older than her years.

Yet another statistic lost without trace

in the dingy streets where evil appears.

Each day filled with such deep despair

forced to be abused just to survive.

Feeling no decent human was out there

not caring whether she was dead or alive.

Sixteen years had passed Elli by

her parents had thrown her out at fourteen.

Confused and upset giving up wondering why

learning how life could be so mean.

Met a man she thought was so nice

but he introduced her to hard drugs.

Which led within a short time to vice

he was a pimp one of the many thugs.

Deep in the rut unable to escape

Elli felt death was her only release.

Desperately she called one of her old mates

who unknown to her had joined the police.

Through powerful inner strength and will

she broke away from this bottomless pit.

Now a happy eighteen year old no longer ill

she survived to tell the tale happy and fit.


To often we hear of the young people involved in drugs and vice. In a never ending cycle unable to get out!


The Foureyed Poet.

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